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Are you a hardcore gamer? Are you conscious about gaming chair buying guide according to your need?  How does it feel when playing video games or something else using an ordinary or office chairs? We are pretty sure it’s not appealing. For casual gamers, they might never understand this.

Do not be confused when here is mentioning about only gaming chair. Gaming chair can be any types of chair e.g Rocker Gaming Chair, Pedestal Gaming Chair, Racing Gaming Chair. Actually the chair you can sit on for playing video game either using the gaming console or PC no matter, So PC gaming chair, console gaming chair or X-Box Gaming Chair and PS4 Gaming chair are all in a same arena of the chair.

Actually the chair you can sit on for playing video game either using the gaming console or PC no matter, So PC gaming chair, console gaming chair or X-Box Gaming Chair and PS4 Gaming chair are all in a same arena of the chair.

However, for serious gamers, gaming chairs are ultimate requirements. Unlike office seats, they possess some great features. Some of these functions include the control panel, inbuilt speakers, and vibration.

Other outstanding characteristics are flexibility and comfort. Buying a gaming seat can be worrisome. This can be even more troublesome to newbie gamers.

If you are wondering on how to choose the right one, you can relax. We have some top guiding tips on buying gaming chairs.

Benefits of using a gaming chair

Comfort and peace of mind

It’s undisputable that gamers spend a lot of time while gaming. The effects are tiredness and back pains. The manufacturer of these chairs has invested much on the comfort.

Unlike a person who is using a regular seat, the gaming chairs ensure you experience total comfort. There are no chances of developing muscles cramps or numbness.

Also, using it provides full concentration, thus, boosting your efficiency. Having different features integrated on the same seat, ensure the user achieves a peace of mind.


If you compare a gaming a chair with other existing seats, there are big differences. This one you can use it to do a variety of activities. Most of the available seats in the market are for multi-use.
Their design ensures usability as one is gaming, relaxing or watching movies. When you have limited space, you don’t need to worry.
You just need to fold it to fit in the available space. Additionally, it can be used by people of different age. This is unlike the office chairs which restrict use by small children.

The chair is easy to handle and clean

The gaming seats are constructed using artificial leather. If you take other seats, you’ll find their cover materials are made of thick fabrics.

If you are to use such seat, cleaning would be hard. They need more soaking, thereby, requiring more time to dry. These days with a gaming chair, you are one step ahead.

Imagine within a few seconds the seat is clean and ready for use. Thanks to manmade leather. Also, use plastic materials, makes the chair lightweight.

Using gaming chair, one enjoys great innovation

A gaming seat isn’t like an office chair. They might look alike but, they have many differences. There are a lot of innovative features equipped on gaming seats.

There is no need to buy gaming control panels or extra speakers. All comes integrated into the seat. Take for instance; you are using the ordinary house or office chairs.

You will have to buy various accessories. However, gaming seats have revolutionized the gaming sector. You only need a chair and a console, and then you can enjoy your extreme gaming. Also, you can listen to mp3 music on the same seat.

Gaming chairs offer interactive experience

An interactive mode can only be experienced when using gaming seats. When using them, they make the gamer feel he is the part of the game. Take an example you are playing a racing game. The seat provides a real life like feeling through the enhancements.

If it is the sound, it’s like a real racing car. When you couple this with vibrations, it creates a thrilling experience. The majority of available seats nowadays possess resonance and border sounds. They result in full game participation.

Factors to consider when buying a gaming chair

The seat dimensions

The dimensions include height, depth, and width. For the seat to be ergonomic, all the dimensions should be well proportionate. When we talk about height, it is an important aspect to consider.

It enables the chair to accommodate people of different height. Additionally, it determines the comfort when one is sitting down.

The depth and with allows for a comfortable sitting too. It shouldn’t be too shallow or too deep. If the seat is deep; it can result into slouching. On width, the chair should accommodate your body without straining.

There should be a free movement with no restrictions. The seat dimension allows your body to enjoy the comfort. Also, it enables uniform weight distribution.

Types of chair you want

Buying a gaming chair, the user should be aware of which type he wants. It is when playing a game while in bad posture can bring back pains and other complications. If you want to play games while close to the monitor, the L-shaped gaming rocker is what your need.

The gaming racing chair is for people with a passion for racing games. It comes with a driver’s seat design. It enables you to achieve a realistic driving through replication. The other last type is pedestal gaming chair. It gives the gamer a perfect view if the game. You can tilt or rotate when you need.


The type of material used in the construction is useful to check. With gaming, leather is most preferred material. It is because of the ease of cleaning and lightweight nature. The type of leather differs; some are made of natural leather, while others are artificial.

A seat featuring leather upholstery is comfortable, beautiful and heat absorbing.

The other material used on construction of gaming chairs is mesh. This material is easy to maintain and inexpensive like leather. You will not have to sweat as it is highly breathable. The only drawback is, it can irritate the skin.

The other material is fabric. The material is ideal; it’s highly breathable, comfortable and cheap. Its soft nature makes it perfect for long time gaming.

Compatibility with devices

Imagine a scenario you buy a nice looking gaming chair. Upon getting home, it can’t work with your accessories. Before you shop for a chair, it is important to check its compatibility.

It is easy as you need to ask the seller to test for you. Also, read the manual before shipping it to your home.

Most of the gaming seats today are compatible with a variety of devices. It is necessary to check whether it is compatible with PC, Mac, home theaters, DVD, TV, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation.

Also, it should have speakers, vibrations motor, and subwoofer. Some seats have two speakers while some have four. This depends on the manufacturer. The other essential compatibility is with mp3 player.


The level of your shoulders determines the level of your comfort. Armrests are, therefore, a determinant factor to your comfort. If they are too high, they will induce strain in your shoulders.

The scenario will affect the back muscles too. On the other hand, armrests shouldn’t be too low. They will cause slouching. Widely placed armrests can encourage the gamer to use one elbow.

The effects are the development of a condition cubital syndrome. Avoid the closely spaced as they can lead to strain due to lack of free space.

As you plan to get a gaming chair, invest on one with multi-directional armrests. The four directions adjustable are the best.

You can adjust in any direction if the need arise. They allow your body to move freely. This eliminates the strains enabling longer gaming time.

Budget is big issue for having a cool featured gaming chair

Budget is one of the aspects that everyone considers. The available features determine the price of the seat. If you are looking for a seat with additional properties, you will have to pay more. One of the factors that lead to increased price is upholstery. For leather-based, they are expensive than fabric and mesh seats.

Other enhancements can make the chair more costly. If you want a seat with, more modern capabilities are ready to spend more dollars. Otherwise, if the chair is for trial purposes, it can cost less than $100. For every additional feature, the expensive the seat is.

Final words

The gaming chair isn’t like an ordinary seat. It designed to keep the gamer in the right postures. As we have seen above, it is worth to invest on gaming chair with superior features.

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