X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamers Chair

Do you need a chair that will take you to next gaming level? I know you might be wondering what next level gaming is Relax. X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamer’s Chair is all you need. Imagine a scenario where seat comes with all entertainment accessories.

When playing the game, you feel like you are experiencing it live. Whether you are racing or playing soccer it, bring the actual feeling to your home.

It houses many features, making it one of most coveted in the market. Some of the available enhancements are an audio output, heavily padded headrest and independent controlled control panel.

Features of X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamer’s Chair

Картинки по запросу X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamers Chair

It features a durable vinyl covering material

Currently, various brands exist in the market. However, the material they use deteriorates faster giving them a short lifespan. This gaming chair features the finest vinyl material today. Besides, offering an extended lifespan, it is also aesthetically appealing.


The black color of the material provides a shiny surface reflecting a beautiful look. Normally, cleaning some chairs is a mess. With this one, it is a half-minute job.

Amazingly after cleaning, you can use it immediately; even if you had used a wet piece of cloth to clean. Drying is instant as it does not retain moisture.

Thick padding

Comfort is everyone’s first concern. However, it is impossible to get a significant number of seats with the adequate padding. Nonetheless, they are branded as gaming chairs. The thinly padded seats tend to tire people quickly.


These results can be associated with the pressure exerted to the muscles by the frame. Results are muscle pain and reduced comfort. With this gaming chair, padding is not a problem.

In fact, it is extra padded with foam in the vital areas like in the headrest, at the back and in the armrest. If you start gaming today, tomorrow will still find you there feeling young.

Audio player with subwoofer and front facing speakers

This chair is just amazing. It is in its league. When playing games, there is no need for connecting other audio systems. The seat is equipped with a wireless stereo system to ensure you enjoy the game without inconveniences of cords.

The sound system is compatible with other devices. It implies that even when you are not gaming music can still entertain you. Speakers are facing configured facing front to give you maximum game surrounding effects.

Ergonomically designed with armrests and sitting base

Gaming is a serious hobby. Some people will seat on the chair for over 10 hours. If it is poorly designed, it can cause severe back pains. This chair boasts well-structured frame to offer the necessary support.


The sitting area is bucket-shaped to enable uniform distribution of weight without straining some body parts. The back is well configured to assume the spine shape. The back shape assumption is important to prevent back pains. Armrest allows your hands to relax when gaming to minimizing too much forward bending.

Картинки по запросу X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamers Chair

Easy to use control panel

When you are gaming, everything is adjusted independently in the chair. There is no need to press remote buttons each time you are adjusting volume or bass. This feature allows the user to have total control depending on the need.


As you know, various games have different types of sounds formats as well as music and movies. Volume and bass are controlled via adjustment knobs in the panel. Alongside the knobs is a set of input and output audio jacks. These enable you to play audio from other devices like smartphones.

It allows one to listen to music through the chair speakers. If you don’t want to disturb people with loud music, a headphone jack is available. The control panel allows this chair to be compatible with various consoles. Some include PlayStation, Xbox, DVDs MP3 Nintendo and many others.

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Benefits of a Customer

By owning this chair, there is a lot to gain from it.

  • It has no age limit.
  • When it is in your home, everyone in your family can use it.
  • Kids can use it for playing games, relaxing and even listen to music. Additionally, adults can use it for a variety of work.

You will have a chance to experience the real gaming experience. The exceptional features allow you to have a real like feeling when gaming. Imagine when playing a racing game, it will make you feel like you are for real driving that racing car. It is every gamer wish to possess it.

The best way to use X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamer Chair

Though it designed for gaming, it can be employed for other various tasks. One of them is studying. An excellent study requires an ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort. This one being one of them it is a great tool to be utilized for revision activities.

  • The other purpose is watching movies.
  • When at home, you can use this chair when watching videos and experience same way as when in cinema theaters.

Relaxing is another great deal. If you feel that you need to refresh, with this chair, you have a companion. You can tilt to experience great fun. Remember to swivel a bit.

X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamer’s Chair customers score

The chair has many appealing features absent in others. Comfort is highly taken care of, talk of thick foam, hand, and headrest plus the ergonomic architecture. Regarding technology, the manufacturer has invested a lot.

The fact is evidenced by the present features like wireless transmission and independent control panel. The usability is superb as the majority of people can use it.

However, the lack of adjustable height might pose a problem to tall people. Besides height, is mobility issue. It lacks chair wheels despite its heavy weight. The seat scores a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Is this chair right for the gaming activities?

This seat is among the best in the gaming department.

You can game for the whole day without any health hitch. The thick foam padding combined with the ergonomic design is enough to keep you gaming until you get tired. It houses an integrated technology.

It is trying to eliminate the need to have many accessories while gaming. Components like audio output, wireless stereo and speakers come with the chair. The cost of buying the seat is much cheaper. This is in contrasts with buying an audio system and other accessories separately.

The wireless technology is also a great achievement. Several people can pay the game without excessive cords which sometimes causes inconveniences.

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  • The chair is tilt-able and can swivel
  • It has a strong base with a high stability
  • It has a thick padding to improve comfort
  • Seat is usable by people of all ages


  • The chair is very cumbersome and lacks wheels for who wants with wheels.
  • It is a little bit expensive to buy in some cases.


  • Is the material used long lasting?
According to a manufacturer is reliable and durable.
  • What does the item weigh?
It weighs 44lb.

Final Words:

X-Pedestal Black Pro Gamer’s Chair is what a serious gamer should own. There are many benefits associated with it. If you aren’t in a gaming mood, you can use it to relax or study.

No need of buying several chairs for different works, with this one it is multi-purpose. Hurry and purchase one for yourself today and experience the ultimate happiness of gaming.

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