Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair-Black/Blue review

Are you a real game enthusiast who is bored by sitting on uncomfortable chairs? Have you been undergoing bad experiences due to your sitting position? There is something to add a smile on your face.

Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair- Black/Blue is like no other existing chair in the market. It is designed to fulfill every gamer’s dream. The chair boasts some of the highest quality features, and on the other hand, it is aesthetically appealing.

Compatibility with different gaming devices makes it a must have a tool, to uplift the gaming experience.

Features Of the Arrozi Enzo Series Gaming Chair

Ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort

Gaming is an exciting activity and involves sitting for an extended period. However, if one is using the unsuitable chair, it can result in various health complications.

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This chair offers a natural spine configuration, thus preventing back pains. The headrest is also prominent to avoid neck pains. The racing style, bucket-shaped seat ensures uniform distribution of weight. You can spend the whole day on the chair without compromising your comfort or health.

Easy height adjustment

You might have an encounter a fixed chair while gaming. The experience is not only discouraging, but it also limits the working height. This seat is easy to adjust to fit in your gaming position.

With just a simple pull of adjustment lever, the required height is achieved. It features a spring-gas lift that is capable of supporting up to 270 pounds.

The adjustable height is necessary as the chair can be usable for various purposes. For instances, besides gaming, it is possible to use it for watching movies and relaxing.

It has thick pad covering

Seats might be well configured. However, the covering material means a lot when it comes to comfort. Thin layered chairs reduce the time which you can work on them. Also, it is easy to cause boredom and muscle pains.

With thick covering, this chair ensures that your back protection is excellent. On the other hand, armrests are heavily padded. The thick material makes sure that your arms are fully supported to minimize muscle strains. Cleaning the seat is easy due to the use of synthetic leather.

The chair is lockable and is tilt enabled

Sitting on a shaky chair while working, can bring disruptions. Gaming is no exception you need a secure platform. Arozzi Enzo Series Swivel Chair has a lock to ensure no movements while busy. This feature makes it useful for other works like studying.

Besides having a lock, one can change the sitting posture. After working for a while, it calls for a change of body position. The seat is capable of tilting 12º. Adjustment is simple; you just need to use the adjustment wheel.

It has 5 sturdy twin nylon wheels

Sometimes, you may be tired of moving from one corner to another. If you have a static seat, the only option is to wake up. With this gaming chair, everything is simple. You can use it to move around the room.

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The nylon wheels are going to give you enough support to maneuver with ease. Additionally, while sitting on it, stability is guaranteed through these wheels. When gaming, you might be too much obsessed with the game.

If the seat is weak, either you can fall or break it. For this chair, you can do it to the extreme without falling.

Benefits of customers

The chair comes with tons of benefits the users.

  • The first aspect to look at any activity or gadget is the health implications.
  • It might be fun but at the end, you end up in the hospital.
  • While using this chair, there is little chance of developing back and muscle pains.
  • Cushioning from these health issues is achieved by thick pad, adjustable height and well configured back support.

Mobility within the room is achievable with this seat. With just a push, it can move around. If you are operating on various benches, it is possible to do so without waking up. This is because it can rotate at 360º.

Best ways to utilize Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair, Black/Blue

This chair is suitable for all office purposes. It has proved to be a great tool. Its construction is by use of materials are light, giving it a lightweight.

  • The adjust-ability nature allows it ideal in an office as you can work on different platforms. You just need to adjust it.
  • Another place where it is useful is at home.
  • When you are at home, a day can be tedious if you are idle. Having this chair is being a step ahead.
  • It will enable you to game the whole day thus eliminating the boredom and idleness.
  • Others include dorms and gaming parties.

The chair scores from customers

This gaming chair is fabulous, and many customers have bought it. Usually, many of them are satisfied with its size. The design is appealing especially the racing style.

  • The ability of it being adjustable and tilt-able is another factor boosting its rating.

These features enable people of different heights to use it.

  • Another aspect of consideration is covering material. The one employed in the seat is artificial leather. It is thick and easy to clean; this gives it an upper hand on the customers’ side.
  • Numerous customers have reviewed the product on various sites.

In one of most famous; Amazon, it has 79 reviews scoring a rating of 3.8 of 5. More similar types of chair you will get in the category of racing gaming chair.

The suitability for the gamers

The chair is furnished with the necessary features for the ultimate gaming. Unlike others, it comes with heavy padding to allow nonstop gaming all day long. This feature is important considering your health.

  • Being tilt able, it will allow the gamer to experience different playing position.
  • The stability is achievable through durable nylon wheels.
  • If you are an extreme gamer, this feature is significant to prevent falling or breaking the chair.

The sturdy and comfortable armrests and headrest are perfect for game players. For the people who use various accessories, they can turn with ease; the seat can turn 360º.


  • The height is adjustable
  • It is simple to clean
  • It can support heavy weight up to 120lb
  • The chair can turn 360º
  • The lock prevents unwanted movement
  • Can be tilted up to 12º, thus increasing comfort
  • It is thick padded providing a maximum support


  • It weighs 39.9lb thus heavy to move when need arises
  • It occupies much larger space thus unsuitable for small-sized rooms


  • Are wheels lockable?

Wheels do not have locks

  • What is the material used in covering?

Synthetic leather material

  • what is the maximum weight it can support?

Maximum weight is 270lb

Final Words:

Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair-black/blue is a necessity to every gamer. With it, your worries about the muscle and back pains are gone.

It is designed for the people who want to become or are professional game players. By having it in an office or at home, all your work will become easier and enjoyable to perform. Buy it today and experience the real gaming comfort.

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