Play seat Evolution alcantara gaming seat review

The unstoppable desire to try out sim racing has hit you hard, right? Or could you be looking forward to starting a futuristic, exclusive and widely sort sim racing spot to earn you some cold hard cash? For any of the quests mentioned above, you are at the right site. Getting the best gaming seat is the first step to having the best experience in the sim racing arena. In this post, we focus on discussing, deeply, the play seat Evolution Alcantara gaming seat. Give us your full attention. We are about to present you with all you need to know about this prolific gaming seat. Let’s get the ball rolling!

 Introductory overview:

“A racing bucket seat design, ultra-solid stability, and unlimited adjustability are the core selling points of the Play Seat evolution Alcantara gaming seat. Experiencing a real-world but virtual driving simulation at the comfort of your living or gaming room has never been easier, more comfortable and exciting as with this professionally built gaming seat. Its high-grade suede upholstered seat with an exclusive finish touch surpasses those in the high-end modern cars. Its robustness and stability traits are unquestionable thanks to the sturdy black steel frame that supports the seat appropriately. With these, among other great features, the Play Seat evolution Alcantara gaming chair suits becoming the ultimate cornerstone of your sim racing setup.”

 Features and specifications:

The construction:

The Play seat Evolution Alcantara gaming seat features an exclusive build. Its excellent design and engineering facilitate its use by professional riders to test and train on driving the newly released trucks.

It brings you a pro-grade cockpit as well as an exclusive racing-design bucket seat for the best experience. The excellent build of the Play seat Evolution Alcantara gaming seat allows it to deliver an inviting, snug and dynamic feel to its users.

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We love the fact that this seat is not too upright. Its accurate configuration makes it relaxed. Its user will always enjoy the comfort without losing focus to fatigue, pain or back injuries. The seat features rear and bottom cushions which move its comfort a notch higher.

The wrap fitted on the bucket seat ensures that you enjoy the realistic racing feel. What’s interesting, no rock or wobble occurs with the use of this gaming seat. The bucket seat attaches to two rock-solid rails with beefy, sturdy bracing for absolute stability.

For the appeal and durability, a faux-suede material is used to give a foot feel and an outstanding finish touch to the bucket seat. Even more, a leatherette material covers the wear-prone sections for optimum durability.

We were impressed by its extremely well-done stitching that elevates its look as well as durability. The comfort level is accurately sorted, to ensure that this seat doesn’t feel super plush. Or would you like a gaming seat that feels like a high-end lounge?


Flexibility and adjustability are everything in an enthusiast-level gaming seat. And the Playseat Evolution Alcantara gaming seat doesn’t disappoint. Adjusting the shifter position, pedal distance, wheel tilt, wheel height and wheel distance in relation to the seat/wheel is possible.

This gaming seat features large screws at the various adjustment points. You can easily loosen or tighten the individual hand screws for easy adjustment. After delivery, adjusting the system to suit your preferred experience should take not more than 5 minutes.

The features steel tubing cleans easily and provides for excellent cable management through the head tube to the gaming machine.

 Folding capability:

Upon delivery, you will come across two panels at the back of the Play seat Evolution Alcantara gaming seat. Opening up the two panels will expose one locking pin as well as some expertly fitted spring-back supports.

The locking pin controls the seat’s folding function. By pulling the locking pin upwards, the seat will fold compactly for absolute storage and relocation convenience. Even more, the wheel system also slides inwards, restricting the seat’s footprint to a minimal area.

You won’t struggle with storing or transporting this gaming seat. In fact, when folded, it can fit in a standard closet.

However, its priceless components contribute to its high weight. You will need some assistance to relocate this seat.


The Play Seat evolution Alcantara gaming seat brings you an undisputed compatibility. It could take you days to find a gaming seat that offers as much compatibility. You can use a vast range of steering pedal/wheel sets with this seat.

The Play Seat manufacturer has pre-drilled great mounting points and fitted a large foot pedal support element to accommodate a broad range of 3rd party pedal and wheel sets.

The Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, Xbox 360’s Wireless Wheel set, Fanatec CSR Club Sports Pedals, Thrustmaster t500Rs, and the Logitech’s G25, G27, G920, G29 are some of the recommended wheel/pedals sets that you can use with the Play Seat evolution Alcantara gaming seat.

This gaming seat is also compatible with a good number of gaming consoles including PCs, Wii, Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and play station 3.

Картинки по запросу Evolution alcantara gaming seat review

 The Play Seat evolution Alcantara gaming seat in the best way:

Proper initial setup of this seat guarantees a superb experience. Before anything, ensure that this gaming seat is correctly assembled. It’s crucial to adjust the seat’s settings including the pedal distance, shifter position, wheel tilt, wheel height, among others by loosening, adjusting and later tightening the featured hand screws.

This way, you will ensure that the seat suits your body appropriately for absolute comfort while gaming. Again, it’s important to set up the seat in a flat, low-light room for the best sim racing experience with no wobbling. Purchase all the necessary add-ons required for the proper performance of this gaming seat.

Benefits of using The PlaySeat evolution Alcantara gaming seat:

With this top-notch gaming seat, you get to enjoy a wholesome load of advantages including:

  • Undisputable gaming experience
  • Comfort
  • Easy storage and transport thanks to its folding design
  • Unquestionable durability- thanks to its rock-solid construction
  • Great adjustability to suit a vast range of people

Customer Scores for the copter

Current customer rating: 4.5/5 stars

It’s a wise practice to consider what the current users of a particular gaming seat think about its overall performance before diving in to make a purchase. The PlaySeat evolution Alcantara gaming seat continues to thrive competitively on the market.

So, far, it boasts a good number of positive reviews from verified customers on Amazon. This is a clear sign that it performs as it promises. Most of its users praise its unquestionable build, great adjustability and compatibility as well as the folding capability.

Clearly, this is a gaming chair that has received a warm welcome by gaming enthusiasts.


  • Extremely adjustable
  • Rock-solid frame
  • No seat, pedal or wheel wobbling
  • Pseudo-collapsible for transport and storage
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful embroidery


  • Size- Requires quite some space for proper performance
  • Heavy- You will need help to move relocate or store this gaming seat


  1. What are the recommended driver specifications for this seat?

The Play Seat manufacturer recommends this seat for people who fit the following specifications:

  • Age: 14+
  • Height: from 47-87 inches
  • Weight: from 46- 270 LBs
  1. Some sites say that this gaming seat requires a shifter holder. Is this element mandatory or optional to purchase?

The shifter holder/ mount is necessary for the proper performance of this gaming seat. You have to buy the shifter separately. You can’t install the shifter without a recommended shifter holder.

 The bottom line:

In our opinion, we believe that the Playseat Evolution Alcantara is the best gaming seat that you can purchase so far. It brings about an exclusive sim racing experience for the gaming enthusiasts. It’s rock-solid stance and construction, storability and a vast range of adjust-ability allow this seat to rank among the above-average sim racing category with no hassle.

Its setup takes a short while after delivery especially if you already own a high-grade pedal and wheel setup. It’s a great deal to make. Ensure that you have sufficient space to make sure that this gaming seat serves you appropriately.

A dedicated, open closet will help you store this seat in the best way. Any hardcore sim racer should find the performance of this gaming seat incredible.

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