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Every hardcore gamer knows the importance of an excellent ergonomic gaming chair; gaming chairs should not only look aesthetic but also have functionality and comfort.

A lousy chair used for hours and hours of gaming can cause many physiologic deformities, bad posture and pain of back and joints.

Vertagear is a fairly new company in gaming chair manufacturing, but the quality of their chairs is out of this world, and they are worth every penny.

Vertagear is a company made by specialists and veterans in furniture and computer hardware to cater to the gaming community.

These gaming chairs are affordable, and the quality is not compromised, making them a great value for their money.

When buying a gaming chair from Vertagear people are often perplexed as there is a vast variety of chairs to choose from.

There are three series of Vertagear gaming chairs to choose from:

-Vertagear S-Line Chairs.

-Vertagear P-Line Chairs.

-Vertagear Specially designed for Gaming Chairs.

Vertagear Gaming Chair Series:

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The S-Line chairs by Vertagear are not only based for gaming but also office uses too. Office working people require chairs that do not hurt their backs while they type and do their daily tasks. The S-Line chairs are ergonomically simplistic designs with comfort and efficiency as their top priority. They have a high resilience Foam and a heavy duty alloy frame to maintain durability that can sustain a weight of 300 pounds easily. The problem is that the wheels are low quality and the chair is a bit narrow for wide people.

The chairs are very affordable and available in racing mods with straightforward assembly, they also come with head and lumbar cushion to minimize fatiguing.

The P-line series for chairs by Vertagear has not gained much popularity in gamers as gamers not only look for comfort but also for aesthetic looks. The P-line is primarily based on durability and is the only chairs by Vertagear that can support the most weight up to 200kg, but their design is very simplistic which is why gamers are not very enthusiastic about buying these chairs.

It has anti-bacterial padding for anti-odour properties, and its upgrades include LEDs and cushions for lumbar and neck support.

The Trigger series by Vertagear is specially designed for gaming, and they have spared no expense in durability, comfort and functionality, not to mention the pleasing design which attracts the gamers. They come with a mesh back to make the chair breathable and adjustable armrests to move them according to your comfort.

These chairs are the lightest and made with the best quality material, making them comparatively the most costly chairs as compared to SL and PL series of chairs.


Technically any chair used to sit on while gaming is a gaming chair but a hardcore gamer knows that the gaming chair is as important as the gaming setup itself because an irregular chair has negative impact on the short and long term, this is why it is best to buy a comfortable and ergonomic chair on which you are going to spend hours on and what better way to buy than Vertagear?

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